What is isibue on mission?

Who is isibue?


The Mission statement!

  • Mission to explore and learn
  • Mission to document and educate
  • Mission to travel the world with purpose

What is the idea behind it?

I hope this to be more than just the regular travel blog of great places to see, best places to eat or comfy places to rest your head at night. But that’s just scratching the surface and doesn’t really help me get a feeling for a place.

So this is travelling with a plan. I don’t mean spreadsheets and timetables!

It’s finding an angle that is interesting to explore and this can be anything from finding old traditions in a modern place, exploring environmental issue to tracing your ancestry, walking the camino or learning astrophotography. The possibilities are endless

Wherever I go, I’ll try to document and share the experience.

NEWS: you can now buy prints for many of my pictures via http://isibue.photodeck.com

Why not set me a mission?

To make it a little more interesting and get me out of my comfort zone, why don’t you set me a mission? You can submit suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If possible I’ll post a video along side the blog. To be sure not to miss one subscribe to my YouTube channel.

So let’s go an adventure together!



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