Quick update

Hi guys just returned from the Netherlands. Right now, I am editing pictures (as usually I took far too many) and a first video to go with the blog post. I hope to get it live over the weekend so be patient.

In the meantime, I am planning the next trip to Poland which is only a week away and a few London things (because home is great too).

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Thanks Isibue

Also today is my anniversary of finishing the Camino/Jakobsweg which I mentioned a few times now. I took a 1 sec a day video on the go and it popped up on FB so I thought to share it with you all. Hope you’ll enjoy it

If you want to suggest any future trips or have ideas of what I should explore just post ideas below or on one if my other channels.


I am off to the Netherlands

Quick update. I am going to be in the Netherlands for the next week. Really excited as I get to catch up with my Camino friend Chia. I met her and her dad on the first day in France and we kept running into each other over and over again.
Chia lives near Amsterdam and I am excited because this means I get to see more than just doggy coffeeshops and the red light district.

I also decided to ditch the plane on this trip and explore the Netherlands by ferry,  train and bus only (and a bit of walking).

Itinerary London – Hoek van Holland – Amsterdam and Purmerend – Rotterdam – London

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