The Polish adventure aka having no plan is the plan

It’s currently 2.30am and I am sitting at Victoria Coach station waiting for the bus to Heathrow. I am overly tired and kind of stresses – not the best start to this trip. 

Frankly, I had one of those weeks where in my head I had everything figured out nicely

  •  finish editing my Netherlands pictures
  • edit the video
  • create a stop motion animation as an intro for my new YouTube channel

Easy is what my naive brain insistst and against better judgement, I fool myself into the believe that come Friday surely I’ll have time to relax maybe even get a few hours sleep before setting off for the airport.

Every sane person would have screamed madness but then sanity is overrated.

Harsh truth is, I was overly ambitious and didn’t get to finish any of it. Instead, I have been editing 8hrs on Friday and in between sort of throwing something (God knows what) into a bagpack every time the clip rendered.  I’m the end I had 6 min to spare before I literal run for the bus.

So I am very sorry but the Netherlands stuff will go live after I get back from Poland. 

What’s happening in Poland, you may ask. NO IDEA! THIS entire trip is without a plan. My camino buddy Lisa asked whether I want to come along to Poland and see Warsaw,  Krakow and from there where ever the wind blows.

So I guess my mission here is to be the travel companion. If I had to set a mission then I should use this trip to improve my street photography skills and try to overcome the awkwardness of taking pictures of strangers.

I deliberately don’t want to make this more because I have a whole ‘Who do you think you are’  trip planned, which hopefully shines some light on my mystery blood. I know Poland will be a big part of this special trip but more on this another time. OK just this,  I ordered an Ancestry DNA test kit and I am excited like a kid waiting for Santa. 

Back to the trip at hand. Lisa and I have literally no money, so we will try to keep it as cheap as possible. Couch surfing and shout outs on travel forums on FB and if all fails hostels. I only have a flight with no return. Maybe I bus it back to London…  28hrs… Maybe not.

So this is the Poland mission. DON’T FORGET to follow me. 

Signing off,  take care and have a fab weekend


Check out how the trip went in the end or watch the video on YouTube

6 thoughts on “The Polish adventure aka having no plan is the plan”

  1. Enjoy Krakow darling, there’s always something going on. Good warm up for the special trip and I’m excited for you re the ancestry kit!!! Ooooh my gawd! Xxx


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